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last one for a month :lol:


notice the different icon set, also notice how large the icons are, i fixed the time, it was too dark, i chose a light green font color......



if anyone wants to know how its done just pm me :tup:


edit: the tag at the bottom was because i put my mouse pointer over console

Edited by duanester
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hey jackel, i wish i can do that :thud:

you can duanester. ;)


hey duanester, the desktop in your sig is looking nice! ....the blue taskbar goes real nice with the blue in the lakes reflection. :tup:



bruce, that is my desktop....nvidia aiglx/beryl (no xgl). it looks choppy in that crap video, but in person... its smooth as glass! :) my laptop has ati graphics and uses beryl with xgl. its still nice and smooth running, but of course has 3d issues when xgl is enabled. ....i only turn it on to impress my friends! :mrgreen:


very nice looking wallpaper there sjb007! :clap:

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