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Updated :) Changed a few minor things on the desktop but nothing drastic. I've also added a few different links to other screenshots as well to let you see how it looks overall.


Posted Image


Start Menu

My Computer

cool desktop...... but whats that thing at the top? looks interesting


oh and about the song at the bottom.....


"caught me in the shower... WASN'T ME.... " :P:mrgreen:

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hi everyone

can you tell me how i post my desktop in the forum please ...... :beer:

clear all your windows down into the task bar then press the Prt Scr button up by the F12 key.


the copy it into Microsoft Paint, then Save it as a *.jpg.


the go to http://www.upload.all4sma.com and upload your image, then go to the pit, and copy and paste the link you are given to your pic from the website.


:worship: : all4sma :

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Nothing will happen when you press prt scr. After you press it and nothing happens, go into Paint and from the edit menu, choose to paste it. You should now see the desktop image. :)

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