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How the heck do you work at your computer with a screen like that?   God, that hurts my eyes just looking at it now.

its just a shot of my desktop running wu's (folding) i copied etc and then tiled :rolleyes::rolleyes:


i think it brill, but there again, i have a new one each wk, and spend very little time on the desktop, which then runs the folding screen saver, so i see very little of them but i :rolleyes: love this one




edit, it does not look that clear in this shot, but of course it is. :rolleyes:

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Well, being a folding addict this is mine : my desktop Made by Neo X1 :)


edit... euh, pic is kinda big... how do I resize it????????

Please pm me, and I will adjust it.


edit 2: thanks hellmaster4eva ... simple but effective solution :blushing:

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Edit: Again, I love my error stats on my site. Used to be a pic here, but there is no longer. Had two views in the past day of this.


One of my screens...working on getting an exciting one. :D

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