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Guest John duh

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Guest John duh

:help: i think i try too hard for my dinasaur:

i have all but broke this thing, i have done many tests and followed the tips..and even adjusted the bios to gain as much as i can for speed .

i have a pc100 board/350 cel.cpu/320mb ram in slots...and if you need more for info,let me know what it should be and check next post.

i have come from an average download of 800/900 and an upload of approx. 400.

just yesterday i have achieved a 1221/1300 kbps dl... and a consistant 512/513kbps upl... :blink: a test that was checked at 3 test sites. speed test.com,pcpitstop and bandwidth place.....

the adjustments to the bios was to set the optimal settings that go with the board,then changed the

memory table to cache the bios mem. and enabled some of the others after trial and error...

then.............blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... 900 top dl and 350 top upl....

grrrrrrrrrrrr :angry: aditional factors.... it is a shared connection :blushing:

aside form tnt and the obvious to upgrade ,can i do more? rather more right ? :erm:

thanks for any help.

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Guest John duh

well i get to reply to myself....

problem. lost speed. :angry:

solution, close the shared conention. :erm:

result, high scores again. :mrwinky:

still i want more!.... :help: ...... for some tips i have :oreo::mrwinky:

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