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I really need some help with my email, I've run a test for my computer and it says nothing is wrong and I've called MSN about a dozen times and they can't seem to help either. I have a secondary email account and I'm recieving emails daily, But alot of people are calling me and saying that they are emailing me and I'm not recieving them. Is there a way for me to get back all the emails that never made it to my email box? Plus, sometimes when I try and check my emails, it will say that the email server is on a Time out or that it can't complete my request at this time, then all the emails that I never deleted in my Inbox come togather to Join as Just as 1 blank email , that I can't open ,and I usually have to reboot to get the one blank email to go back to the 6 or 7 read message I had in the inbox. I hope this isnt too confusing, its hard trying to explain everything. Hope you guys can help your my last hope, before I need to get a tech to come out to my house.





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You need to call your ISP so that they can open up your email client and verify that all the settings and required info is correct. I wouldnt be able to help since I do not know their info.

You can also ask them if there is any spam filtering on your account or if your mail storage limit has reached its capacity.

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Are you doing your emails thru MSN8 or are you going to MY MSN and using Hotmail. Sometimes there are problems using mail in MSN8. When I have problems, I switch to the MSN page and get the mail thru hotmail.

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