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Help! Can't Run Any Executables

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Guest mitchb2

Yesterday I was hit with 2 viruses: MultiPage-A and Backdoor-ACH.


As a result, I cannot execute any problems. Not regedit, not Antivirus, nothing.

However, I CAN run Internet Explorer from the Start button. Go figure.


Anyway, I removed the two infected files, spooll32.exe and msdm.exe.


I ran both Symantec and McAffee online virus scans, and they find nothing.


Now...how do I restore my PC? I can navigate all my files. I just can't run anything.

I've tried booting into Safe Mode, but same thing.


Is there any way I can get my system's functionality back, so that I can install NAV?


Also...I want to try an XP Repair. But I have two copies here at home. How do I find out which license goes to this machine? I can't get My Computer | Properties, because it "can't find rundll."

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A guy I work with got a worm on his comp that travels among computers on the LAN and basically infects every executable file on the system, rendering the system essentially useless. You might end up having to reformat and reinstall. And yes, he said all he could do was use the internet and load up MSN Messenger....

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