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Whats The Best Free Anti-virus Program?

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WRONG Volt !


Can you name me another product that has more than the 63259 viruses Norton protects against in its current version ? That includes all Common, Program, & Boot viruses.


It provides the tools to the unfortunate ones who get these viruses probably to reinforce their reputation as the BEST AV you can use ! ( *people talk about their greed, well, they could charge for these tools couldn't they ? )


(** yeah, I know, why don't they finally have an all-in-one package so you can get the firewall with the systemworks? - all I can say is look for deals, they have GREAT rebates available - in fact, the current one will pay you $30 for switching to Norton - you buy NSW 2003 and provide proof of prior Norton ownership OR McAfee / OnTrack ownership and you get the rebate.) Add to that the fact that you can find it rather cheap online ... pricegrabber, half.com, ebay ...


Finally how about this :



Symantec provides comprehensive Internet security products, solutions and services for more than 100 million users around the world ranging from some of the world's largest corporate enterprises, service providers, government agencies and higher education institutions, to small businesses and individuals.


415 of the Global 500 and 485 of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Symantec solutions every day.


Not a bad reputation if you ask me ... *S*


*Pagerboy : I am running NSW 2003 and have no problems with it or any of it's components. They added a one button check up which is a great feature along with the WinDoctor, Ghost, SpeedDisk, WipeInfo., SystemInfo. Incoming & Outgoing email scan,etc ... )

You DO get your money's worth - ALOT of utilities !

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Guest plick

:) well i had NAV and firewall until i was told of AVG,which i am now evaluating. i download a lot of mp3,s from kazaa,so i need good virus protection. after using AVG for the last 3 days i have had no problems, i also took off the Norton firewall and put Zone Alarm on.they use less rescources and i have noticed an increase in my computahs performance.

i know three days isnt a long time to test something,but its looking good so far. :)

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