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Has the internet been struck by another slowdown, is something wrong with my computer, or has my provider lowered my cap??? Testing on several sites, my speed was roughly a pitiful 400 kb/s when I usually get around 1,300 kb/s. What's wrong? Why has my internet slowed down so much? :blink::mrsgreen:


My provider is SBC Pacific Bell ADSL 1500/128. :(

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Mine seems to work fine, Transmission Speed 1617 Kb/s tested on the pit's server. Try tweaking your connection, that is a major cause of problems Speedguide

nope, tweaking won't help because it's been 3 times faster before without any change of settings.
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I take it you haven't heard that SBC Pacific Bell Internet Services is now...


Posted Image

Yeah, I just remembered that. :)


But anyway, my bandwidth has returned! Great news! Pages load zippity zip again... :):tup:

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