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Many Thanks.


Program Version: 6.0.461

Virus Database: 260

Release Date: 10/03/2003

Sizw: 1406.1 KBytes

Restart Req. Wins 98.

No Restart Req. Wins XP Home or Pro

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I don't know what you mean... I have AVG set to auto-update at midnight and it takes all of two minutes, if there is an update to do. I hardly even notice it. On the Update Manager screen where you set it, you can choose the time to check for an update, how old the last update should be before downloading a new one, and when to try again if it fails to complete. I chose to check for updates every day at midnight, and to try again the next day if it fails. This is with the free version.


Ad-Aware 6's free version won't auto-update though, and you have to do it manually. I don't know what specific time Ad-Aware Plus (or Professional) updates. I think it does it when you open it. But every time I open it, it's already been updated to the latest available reffile. So whenever it does it, I never even notice it.

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Hi channel 6,

Thats just Jazzy having a DIG !!! at me mate

I'm usually first with the update Info because I use the CZ server At Grisoft and It updates at weird times for you US users. Usually the evening period in the UK, When you Guys are all at work !!!

Keep 'em coming M8 !!

Best Regards

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