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I Downloaded Imesh Urrrggghhhhh

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I thought i'd give imesh a go well it did give me some grief had to system restore to make my internet work found heaps of spyware in it it has gator components in it so I would suggest to give it a miss

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funny old thing i did the same thing yesterday and got 2 low key viruses but they got sorted really quick so if youve not run a virus check then i would advise it.


Had a great time killing those gators though :mrgreen:


the viruses were W32.Pinfi and W32.HLLP.Handy they were just attached to some programs which were ok but norton did its stuff and fixed them.


Well i-mesh has now been sent to the recycle bin in the sky along with those gators :rolleyes:


:nospys:http://www.spywareinfo.com/ :nospys:

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