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Netgear Wireless Router, Bad Speed

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I installed a netgear MR814 and used MA311 adapter card. It sets up but I can only get a 20 -26% reception. Then after an hour or so it loses connection all together. The computer is only 40 feet away and goes from one floor to the next. There is a concrete floor there and I don't think that matters. If anyone knows how I can improve and keep a constant connection HELP ME please. :help: :help: :(

PS. I also have the first computer hooked by cat 5 and only have a total of 2 computers on it.

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Guest CaShMoNey

;/ yeah.. the concrete floor actually does matter. Since there isn't really anything for the Frequency to bounce thru. Or be quite receptive. Maybe adding a mid-point to your reception could work?

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