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2500 Amd

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im wantin to buy my g/f a new cpu..and im going to overclock it..im going to get 400mhz memory...the prices are pretty much the same..but i think i remember hearing somewhere that the 2500 was highly overlockable..im wantin to get it to at LEAST a 2800..which is the highest overclockable cpu for about the 80-100 price range US dollars?


the mobo and everything else will up to par to run a 3200AMD 400 FSB

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I'd get faster RAM if you can. I'm disappointed that my RAM can't make the jump to 400Mhz while overclocking, and I have to put the timings to 3-4-4-8 to overclock at all. I think it's because my mobo only allows me to put 2.7volts maximum into the RAM, and 1.8 volts to the CPU because it's not stable at all. I can't complete 3dmark 01 without it rebooting. Oh well, It's still freakin' fast at 2Ghz.

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