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Just found my cd of "Blood on the Tracks" by Bob Dylan from 1974 (release date) seeing as I have worn out the 12" LP long ago. Happened on to this copy in a music store and it was like I had fun into a very old friend -------well I bought it and am so glad I did. Great songs, good listening even in the middle of the nite.


:mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

Nice :tup::mrgreen: So classic :)
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The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

The White Stripes - Black Math

The White Stripes - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Kiss My Jazz - Slumming It With The King Of Wilrijk

Kiss My Jazz - The Stud v/s Drunk Kid

Kiss My Jazz - Tropic Of Cancer

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Time of your life---Green Day ( they played this song along with a video of the graduating 5th graders at Alex's school, when he graduated from there.There were only 5 kids! It was so neat....love this song) :)

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This morning I'm listening to "Book of Secrets" by Lorenna McKennitt---very mellow and a good prelude to several hours of sleep.

I work nites and must sleep in the day---til two al least. So, having some relaxing tunes just before bedtime is just great. Gives me a chance to play a lot of music in my collection, that may not be heard often.

I like Loreena McKennitt as much as people like Eva Cassidy, and others--great listening.



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This morning I'm listening to "Looking Back" by Mary Black of the Black family (Ireland) --great album and shows the diversity of Mary Black--who is doing well as a solo.


Still enjoy the Black family music too---tomorrow maybee Altan



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Bought my kid Elvis Costello's Girls Girls Girls for XMas.


Just got a chance to drop it into my driving-to-work CD. What a howl!...


Can't wait to share our pleasure live in the spring. We've got tickets.




PS My boy loves Declean McManus at least as much as I do.

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