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What Are You Listening To?

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new metallica is the worst music i have ever heard in my life


i was so disapointed in their new material.. that i couldnt even listen through the whole album... i simply threw it away

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This morning I'm listening to "Ancient Echos" by Chorovaya Akademia--A Russian group of male voices singing songs and hymns of the Orthidox Church. Some are from Easter, Christmas, and others are from different church celabratory periods in the church calendar.


Really excellant acapella choral group---helps me to relax before sleep time.


Sounds like real music--more people should try it---makes plants grow good too---but not now---the ground is frozen and I would be too if I were out there. It's 0 F out now.



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This morning I'm listening to Mozart's Horn Concertos numbers one thru four---with hornist Barry Tuckwell and the London Symphony Orchestra---a digital remastering of a 1960 release on Decca Records--I wore out the LP and was delighted to find the analog to digatal remastered cd.


I would put this record on the turntable and start the music--then read a chapter or two of " The Hobit" in the afternoon after work. Made the story "read" so much better---so now when the Mozart Horn Concertos are played on the radio I enjoy the memories of reading a wonderful story .


I have a hard time reading anything to todays music (?)------ thumpity thump---not even syncronized with the harmoncs of the human heart beat---how dare they ! !



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When I was a wee lad... hehe :lol:


Actually Mr Gardener, I will keep that in mind as I am currently working my way through that last book of the lord of the rings. I don't have any mozart but I do enjoy a little strauss :) and the hobbit is next on my list to re-read

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