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Spammers At The Pit

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I got 'invited' earlier, but a cargo ship load of wild elephants couldn't pull me away from the Pit, so I just ignored it... :P -kd5-

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have you seen the site?

Yeah, I checked it out. I always do when someone is spamming, just to see what it's all about.


And are ya read for this? Got yer seat belts securely fastened?


One of his forums, appropriately enough titled "SPAM" has the following description...


Post spam here. Guests are allowed to post here as well. Do not join if all you are going to post is spam. Posting here will not increase your post count.

He doesn't like spam on his forum, but it's ok for him to to come here and spam our members? I don't think so.

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I don't think we would want people who stoop to such tactics here.


I think we have enough children in the forums now, checking his profile at his site puts him at 14 years old.


Let them all play over there. :P

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