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Connected To Lan But Not Internet

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I just installed a clean version of Win2K on a workstation and everything is good except I cant get on the internet. Everything (Tcp/IP) etc., seems in order and I have no problem with the LAN. I just cant browse the internet.


I have a Linksys router set up with a WAN static IP and the LAN is on an auto DHCP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Bumb it up? You don't upgrade your system to Win. 2000! Even from 95 that's more or less a downgrade! Win 2k is at this point MSoft's 2nd worst OS (ME is THE worst). I congratulate you on getting the network to work on 2000, it's a feat in itself. Don't you wish they could bring back 3.1?


Anyway, starting with the most basic reasons as to why it's not working, the kind that make you feel really stupid for a bit then you get over it.


1. Is your computer physically connected? Maybe the jack got pulled out by some careless person or you undid it for some reason then forgot to put it back in.


2. Is there a browser installed? Hopefully there is since you just installed an OS. This is most likely NOT the problem, but if it is download one.


3. Have you got yourself an ISP? You've browsed it before, so it's highly unlikely that you don't, but it's gotta be said.


These are the bare basics for it. I'm not very good when it comes to software and such other things. Hardware is my forte.

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Thanks to all for the replies.


Yes, I have a NIC and and ISP (US Wireless) and yes, the cable is plugged in and the workstation has an IP and I can browse the network with no problem. I can get to anyone on the network and I can ping the WAN/Gateway but that's it. I cant get to the outside world.


It has to be something simple. All of the properties for the LAN and Device manager look normal enough. Ipconfig gets all the normal results, etc., etc,.


ED1, Havent had any problems in a year LOL! I'll try to come back a little more regularly. I even had to sign back up for the name... Talk soon.

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Two lessons learned!


Firstly, there was nothing wrong with my connection. The lynksys has Zone Alarm enforcement enabled. So if you don’t have ZA on the workstation, you don’t get out to the net. Everything else on the network is normal except internet access. The second lesson is that you can’t just install any copy of ZA because it won’t recognize your license key. You have to install the original version you purchased and then upgrade to the newer versions.


So, problem solved. Thanks to all who responded or at least though about it and hopefully someone else might be able to find a resolution sooner the next time this kind of thing happens.


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