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Help, Please With Zone Alarm

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john before you unistall you have to shut down za. it wont delete if running. rclick on taskbar icon then click shut down zone alarm.

The situation I was involved in with ZA was a bit strange as I never had it happen before. I had gone through the delete procedure and when I tried to access the internet, it was like my Home Page had been hijacked.Could 'nt get off this page from ZA which was quite lengthy and gave an explanation how to get internet access back. They were referring to ZA (Pro/Plus) which is not the one I had. I just had ZA (Freeware version). I downloaded another version (Free one) and I also received the instructions to delete you have to uncheck "Load ZA at start-up"+ reboot (Start/shut down/restart/OK) I don't know if the rest applies as they keep referring to ZA (Pro/Plus) & it gets involved. It involves internet logs folder & I don't want you to get imvolved in something that could damage your OS. I can only state that to the best of my knowledge,if you are going to uninstall, you have to uncheck "Load ZA at start-up". Before I downloaded again, I was left with two files in windows/system32 called VSDATA95 and VSDATANT and instructed by ZA to delete them. VSDATA95 deleted but could not delete VSDATANT (Access denied).

Don't know if this will help or not. Be very careful what you do with ZA as I would not want you end up in the same predicament as I did.

Sounds right on the right click but I would uncheck before shutting down.


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