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another thing if i not heard from in a few days the GF found these posts and i may be subject to the death penalty.....please PM No Mercy for my phone number and addy so you can call police :mrsgreen:

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That or maybe drugged it, cats don't let people do that stuff to them. Unless they are wierd.

You even look at the pic? ;) yes, they drugged it....
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I saw that on TV before it was banned... I also have it on my comp...


Cats are cool, and they do weird :filtered: all the time... Thats what makes them so cool...


Turtles are cool too... I need to photochop some of my box turtles drinking, smoking and playing cards, that would be awsome... :):lol:

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Sorry, turtles are fresh on my mind I just spent on hour with one of them... She has an eye infection and just came out of hibernation. A Vitamin A definciency caused it. Got some cod liver oil for her and some eye drops, I sat there rubbing the drops into her eyes forever and force feeding her the oil... I am worried about her. The male i doing great. But everything I have read says if you don't get their eyes fixed when they get this way (it is supposedly a pretty common thing) they will go into a depression like state and starve to death because they won't eat.... I love my turtles... Got two box turtles and one slider (water) turtle, gonna get another soon though.... :)

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