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I thought your kids were early teens. (How's Daniel doing in hockey?)


They are teens......Daniel is 15 and Matthew and Jeffrey will be 14 on June 4th :) But I also have 4 stepchildren...... 2 of which have kids :)


As for Daniel...... Broke his collar bone in January during a game......was a VERY bad break and it put him out of commision for the draft tryouts....... He recieved 2 invitiations from Junior A teams to try out but we had to turn them down cause the doctor wouldn't let him go back on the ice...... :(

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Quote from No Mercy :-


OMG linda & ladies............ wait till radio adds the newest addition to the gallery.......


We are talking total HUNK .......  

Total material here.........


I am in  .........  



I wonder if this guy has a g/f or is married


I can see it now. All the Avatars in the middle, you pick one out and get invited to a "special" forum.


JonBoy :lol:

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Damn, nope, that wouldn't be right. Your a good dad, think of your child before your own pleasures :P


Maybe another day...Que sera, Que sera What ever will be will be...... :blushing:

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Guest Donna

Thats pervy Linda for you. :lol: Linda, remember you are not at NSY, ya gotta be careful.



Radio, pm sent with link, I wanna be added again. :)

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That's not really Donna, it's a picture she found somewhere. :P Naw, that's Donna.


Donna is that a glamour shot? If so it is so cool, never seen one like that!

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