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Finally got my e-mail and browser working properly after a virus induced crash so thanks to all those who posted advice back to me on the PCPitstop forum.


Some advice please on what I think might be an ISP problem. The PC has been tweaked up using all the PCpitstop fixes but they didn't sort this one on IE 5.2 running on Win98SE.


The problem is you select another site or another page/link in OE and the PC connection icon goes to sleep for 20 to 40 seconds (on average) before it then goes active and the page downloads. This pausing action happens irrespective of the page or site being accessed. If a different computer is put online thro' the same connection it too shows this stuttering page download behavior.


Are my local ISP connections geting worse? This didn't happen a month or so ago?


I'm connected to BTinternet in the UK.



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