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No, the amount of memory in the video card means close to nothing in today's world of video cards. ;)


Yes, your best bet is the TI4200, it is about three times faster than the rest of the cards on that list, and you will see a HUGE increase in performance over your current mx card. :)

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,Dec 27 2003, 06:38 PM] meh, if you're going to upgrade to a Ti, get a 4600, the 4200 is nothing but the highest MX slightly upgraded.

Dude, no disrespect intended, but you are absolutely wrong . ;)


I had a FX5200, which performs on the same level as a MX440. Then I upgraded to a TI4200, the difference was night and day. I've got 3Dmark scores showing that a TI4200 gets about 8000 more 3Dmarks then a FX5200, which again is about the same performance as a MX card.


Also, you saw that he's on a budget. The TI4200 is an excellent buy, all benchmarks will prove so. ;)

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will it work fine with my system? :huh:

The 64MB TI4200 is faster by design; the memory is a bit faster, although some 128MB models now use the faster memory ;).


Yes, so long as you have an AGP slot, which it appears you do, it will work without a hitch. :)

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