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I have just started to build my first web site. When I :help: checked the first page on the web I found that by right clicking on an image a menu is brought up on which was a My Pictures folder that is on my hard drive. Does this mean that if anyone right clicks on an image on my site they will gain access to my hard drive. please help a silver surfer

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What it means is that you have the link hard-coded to your hard drive, not to the website URL.


When you publish that page to the web host, it will show up as a broken link to someone trying to look at the page at the http://www address...


One of the first things I learned in building web pages is the meaning of "hard coded URL" and "relative URL"


Basically, a "hard-coded URL" is this: http://www.doublehammer.com/images/hammernail-l.gif


That's what seen by the browser (look at my avitar).

What's actually coded in my html page is a relative link: images/hammernail-l.gif


If the page is 3 directory levels deep, then the "relative link" coded on the page will look like this:


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