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:help: :help: I've two amd atlhon at 1.700, w/ xp

booth are connected to a dial up(one is host, the other guest)

yesterday I'd to restart the host and shut down the connection

now I can dial up the host but the guest doesn't work

I rerun the network wizard, it says that the guest is connected but I can't open any page.


the host is ok


any ideas?


need to have the guest working and fast!! :help:


thanks in advance for the answers!

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Thanks for your answer!!


I've tried everything!


I think I've done so much that I'm blocked


Try to reinstall the network,


try to delete the account and opened again,


to no avail.


Dunoo what to do!


Ive even ask the wizard to repair anything broken1


nope! no answer!


if you have any other idea, please let me know!




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this may help

I had the same sort of problem

I have 2 pc,s which i needed connectted to the net as with you it didnt work,

It all came down to my ISP they would only allow one pc per account,

the way i got round it was to buy a router which hides all the pc's behind it, your isp will think that there is only 1 pc connected at the other end, when you can have as many as you like, get a resonable one mine was around £70 (netgear) it has it's own firewall not just the basic sort

It can also be set up so it sends you emails or logs when any of the pc's try to connect to site 's you dont wont them too, usefull if you have children,

also sends emails or logs of attemptted intrusions from the outside world and provides tracking information, hackers ect you would'nt belive how many people try to get into your pc!!!!

this is one of the better investments i have made for my pc

dont know if this will be of any use


good luck

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well this is a 50/50


I have a network system with many different OS and are all on a dialup.


had the same problem but have no accounts setup to get to the net.


all i had to do was put in the IP of the computer that dailsup as the default gateway.


the only problem is with activex. most work but have found some that the dialup computer can not send through.

might be because i have a 28.8 speed


hope this might help

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