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Useful Overclocking Utilities/programs

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These are links to the specific program's site, and not a direct download link. Download at your own risk!


CPU Overclocking utilities


nVidia nTune - The latest overclocking and tuning program from nVidia.

ClockGen - A cpu overclocking tool designed for various motherboards.


Graphics Card Overclocking Utilities


Radlinker - Adds overclocking tab in ATI Control Panel, and also allows you to customize overclock settings for different games. ATI cards only

Coolbits - Registry tweak that enables overclocking with Detonator drivers. nVidia cards only

PowerStrip - Very powerful tweaking/overclocking program designed for the hardcore user. Supports a variety of chipsets. ATI and nVidia cards supported

nVHardPage - nVidia graphics card tweaking program. Has many pre-configured profiles for obtaining best results with various benchmarks, including 3dMark2k1se. nVidia cards only

Rage3d - Provides overclocking options in an easy interface. ATI cards only

Rivatuner - Powerful graphics card tweaking/overclocking utility. ATI and nVidia cards supported


Stability Testing


Prime95 - A very effective stability tester that stresses the CPU and RAM. Also a good benchmarking utility.

Memtest86 - Try this if you are experiencing problems at a high FSB, or if your system is unstable with RAM at stock speed.

Hot CPU Tester - Tests CPU and all motherboard units for errors.

Folding@home - program that simulates protein folding, and stresses CPU.

Seti@home - Distributed computing program that searches for extra-terrestrial life. Stresses cpu.

OCCT - Stresses cpu and or memory in a 30 minute test.

GoSP2004/Dual core prime - A stress test for dual core processors.





3dMark2k1SE - Tests graphics card performance. Also doubles as overclock stability tester for CPU, RAM, and GPU.

3DMark 06 - What a workout.

3DMark 05 - Tests 3D performance of your graphics card.

3dMark2k3 - Tests graphics card performance(DX9) and is also a good stability tester, like its older brother.

AquaMark3 - DX9 Benchmark

PCMark2k2 - Measures processor, RAM, and hard drive performance.

SiSoft Sandra - Benchmark suite that provides tests for practically every component in your system, including a CPU Burn-in stability tester. Also displays detailed information about your parts.

Performance Test - Benchmark suite that focuses on speed and accuracy.

HD Tach - Hard drive performance benchmark




Windows Info. Windows information Thanks allen41547

Wcpuid - Small program that displays information about your processor.

Cpu-z - Program that displays information about your RAM, CPU, and motherboard chipset.

CBId (Central Brain Identifier - Program that displays information about any AMD processor. Also gives an approximate performance rating.

Motherboard Monitor - Senses and displays various temperatures from the motherboard. Also displays the PSU rails, and fan speeds.

Tweak865 Enables access to memory timings through Windows for the Intel 865/875 chipset.

A64Tweaker beta - Utility for adjusting memory timings in windows. CAUTION it's a beta


I will add more as I find more. Thanks for looking,



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