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diskeeper pro ..unfornatly like the very first pro they came out with since i got the disc from meh friend..they make some kinda wierd cd named GENUINE where if u shine it into the light it says this is eeniune

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k , voptxp is a bit cooky, i mean, id ont see a really big diffrence, diskeeper looks a bit worse then this tho, seeing as how there are alot of bugs and gramatical errors, i might as well choose light seeings as how its probably better than the pro i have

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thinking maybe you should try  http://www.goldenbow.com/ and give it a shot. Depending upon your system of course.

Really works well for a lot of us ....


I see and feel such an improvement in my system performance.


It is up to you so great luck with your choice  :)

VoptXP is what I am using fast and seems to work well I batch defrag every day
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