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I have a Compaq Pres. 9642, 80 MG RAM, running Win 95. I think I have a major problem. When my pc first starts up this comes up on the screen : DRIVESPACE VxD AND THE DRIVESPACE REAL MODE DRIVER ARE MISMATCHED. YOU MAY NEED TO REINSTALL......

I'm lost and haven't a clue what I need to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... :help:

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thanks for the link. theres a problem though this pc came with Win95 already installed. The person I bought the pc from forgot to include the restore disk. So how can I get the file needed ? I'm trying my best to save this system cause its the only one I got until the main pc gets fixed. Thanks in advance

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I've found a way to fix the drivespace problem. I wasn't using drivespace So I moved the drvspace.vxd and other files related to another folder and renamed them. I restarted and the error Isn't happening anymore.


But I've got another problem. I've tried 10 times already to defrag my system. it gets to the 9-10% mark and I get a prompt telling me to run scan disk using the thorough method. I've ran scandisk several times and it still can't degrag. I even tried it in safe mode but no luck ?


Any solution to fix it ?

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Try this

Disable all startups in msconfig


goto the control panel


device manager

select the CD and disable the auto insertion notification


you may also need to disable your swap file if you have more than 32megs of memory

if the swap file gets used it will restart defrag

when the poll hits the CD it will restart the defrag


hope this helps

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