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typically its harder for you to blow a card cause they get too hot and stop functioning and will work when you start your system back up.. if you over overclock it you would get garble on your screen in which you know you went too far.. at least thats what i expierenced with my geforce and voodoo

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I have a Chaintech, GeForce FX5200 128mb (Nvidia) card.


When I was having problems, I emailed tech supt at Chaintech. Here is a copy/paste from their reply email on MY card:


Try and clock your system with a core that is 10% of the orginal value

and 20% for memory if you have a default fan.


Than run 3dmark2001se and see what you get.



I am not sure how that relates to your model # card but I thought it might give you some ideas. BTW I do have a fan on my card also.


I read somewhere that you should never overclock the core more than 10% (I will try to find that quote and post it).


I have experimented with my card and got in trouble a few times. Be carefull to only notch it up a few #s at a time. When you start seeing stars or snow flakes or lightening bolts shoot across the screen that don't belong there STOP and ratchet it back 3-10 points. It's safer to experiment the memory than the core.


3dmark2001se is an excellent test for your card. Make sure that you use something like that to test it.


If you go too far, you can screw up your BIOS and and all kinds of wierd things can happen. One time, I went too far and the monitor blacked out suddenly. I rebooted and it seemed to start the rebot process oK, then all of a sudden, black monitor. No matter what I did, I could not get into my BIOS, safe mode, nothing. I had to go out and buy a new hard drive, install my OS and programs. I could then boot onto the new HD and transfer my files and settings.


That was an entire day and $70 wasted because I went too far with overclocking the card. It didn't hurt the card at all. All I am saying is, you can do a lot more damage then just hurting your video card. Be careful.

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