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Problem Playing A Game

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ok i haveing problems with this game called revolt it ony takes 300mhz min and 600mhz max with ony 8mb of video and the video on the game is bad its all shinny with skips in the shinny parts like the floor it post too be shinny just not skips in it and missing parts why does it do that my computer meets all of it :(

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thank you for your honesty...though there seems to a problem with your memory regardless of what you think (said with all due respect :) )


you really do need to reconfigure your ram by trading out the slots to see wherein lies the problem.....


also...i don't know diddly about the video being 16 and the bios being 32 ....though if someone suggests they ought to be the same or whatever....it might be a good idea to heed that advice as well ;)

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