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Ide Hard Drive Acoustics Mode?

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As yall all probably know, on the my Intel Appliication Accelerator there are options for "auto-acoustic management". mine is set to "minumum acoustic output". it also has choices for "maximum performance" or "disabled". But, I went to my bios and found a similar "IDE Hard Drive Acoustics Mode". It is set to "bypass" right now. it also has choices for "performance", "suggested", and "quiet".


Can someone tell me each option will do so I know which one is best for my machine without taking any chances? Thanks.

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These settings will accelerate or slow the seek and retrieve rates of data from your hard drive at the cost of more or less noise. Slowing the seek rate quiets the drive, but performance suffers.


My hard drive is set for Maximum performance, and recommend that anyone with the available settings to do likewise. Typically my hard drive is noisiest when it is in need of a good ol' fashioned defragging. :)

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