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Ad-aware V6.0. . Please Read Me.

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hi, apperently build 160 is flawed it does not delete 3 targets correctly and as it tries to delete them it mesess (thats putting it mildly) your internet conection up.

if you click on infomation in the top right corner of adaware screen it says what version you have.


version 162 can be found here




i know the pcworld.com version link is 162 cos i just downloaded it.

good luck ;)

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Humm....I was getting all the updates, but failed to pay attention

to the email from Lavasoft last week. I just downloaded the 162 version.


I have a question for whoever will answer it for me.....approximately how

many files are being scanned on your system? The 158 version only

scanned about 9900 some files and this 162 version scanned 13000 some

files. I know I have more than that (ad-aware default setting), but since the 'crash', maybe these are all it needs to scan? :blushing:

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It scans something like 20000 on mine :mrgreen:


ps nice new tag Volt. I leave for 4 days for a little mardi gras fun and when I come back your the official gator hater :woot::woot:

Not really official I just didn't know what a new box was for in my contols so I typed that in there to see where it went. :mrgreen: v
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