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Haveing Trouble Playing A Game

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just a shot in the dark but even though you seem to have plenty of resources....try shutting down all the programs you don't need running when you play and check your refresh rate - maybe that will make a diff


also, what are the memory requirements? again, another shot at what the glitch might be

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ok i try some settings i think it takes 700mhzs and 192mb ram and a 16mb of video the max is 1ghz 256mb ram and 32 but i still think it should play it becze i got a desktop that plays it with 700mhz celeron. play this laptop play unreal 2003 :)

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ok i installed hulk on my laptop and i played it it runs smooth but with lines on the ground and on hulk why?




heres the computer buy the way http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...WU1KW7F8WNSE863


Your test shows a memory problem, try removing one stick, and post a test, then swap the other stick into the slot and post again!!


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