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try 3 things

run a disk cleanup

defragment 3 times in a row

disable all start up programs in msconfig and run the test again


also have you seen what it says in UPGADE DISKDRIVES you have very little free space which dramatically reduces performance :look:

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are there any CD , CDRW or DVD drives on the same IDE cable as the HD if so that can really slow it down alot also make sure you are using an 80ribbon cable and not a 40 ribbon cable they look simmiliar so it would be better to get a known good round ata133 ide cable and set the HD to master and be only drive on the cable .... also back up some files you really dont want to lose to free up some space and clear out some junk you dont need ...........but worse case scenario is that the HD may be on the way out so it would always be best to back up the stuff you dont want to lose

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i dont think the size matters becaze i had it way down too 5gbs and it still said 3mbs uncached speed :mrsgreen: i think i know whats the 43% is i aways got too do debug mode too stop the up load test it wont go thew normal :(

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