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Isdn Not Connecting At 128kbps

Guest duncanmaclean

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Guest duncanmaclean

How do i make my ISDN bundle both channels/lines. It works fine at 64kbps, but when i try 128kbps it doesn't work. I am running Win XP Pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :help:

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Guest billor

Try This:

In 'Device Manager', open the modem properties, click the advanced tab, and in the 'Extra initialization commands' box, paste the following line:




(That's a zero, not an O)

This connects me on both bands most of the time.

Also, please note that without a high speed serial port, you will not get a full 128K.

More like 90K.

byterunner.com has ports if you need one


Good luck!

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