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Why Use Avg?

Guest Buck_Wheat

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Because I like it,,its not near as intrusive as other scanners and is easy on machine resources.


And if ya have half a brain it should be all ya need.



Edit: btw mine has updated 3 times this week,,that site is abit off.

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That's a pretty incomplete list of viruses. If they had all known viruses on it I might have more faith in it. But since they don't have many commonly known viruses on the list, their test results are inaccurate, in my opinion.


The free version of AVG is far better than many AV scanners you pay big bucks for, and don't work half as well... Besides, I know a few people who practice "Safe Computing" who never get a virus, and don't use any kind of scanner.

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I do both!!


I try and be as safe as I can and keep my virus scanner updated to the max.


Just running a high dollar AV don't make anyone immune from viruses.


The first thing alot of them try and do is break the scanner!!


It really don't matter which one ya run,,but use your head and keep it updated.


Except for McAfee,,that one should never be installed,,its worse than most viruses all by itself. :) v

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I love AVG and nobody could talk me out of using it. I get all the updates (thanks Trip ;) ) and always delete emails or attachments if I don't know the source. I've never ever had any problems. :mrgreen:

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I am using AVG on my 98se because of the testimonials from these

people /\ :mrgreen: I had Norton 2002 with almost a year and a half of up-

dates and my computer took a dive :( I chose not to reinstall my Norton CD and find out what this *AVG* is like.......and I LIKE it!!



(BTW, Norton charged me $20.00 to get updates after the first year I had

installed it from the CD. I thought that was rather "nervy" :angry::P )

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None better, no better price & serious and accurate people working to keep it up to date and available for those that care about the battle. The programmers at Grisoft are sincerely committed to protection. I am profoundly grateful that they are computer savey and determined! :) AVG takes up fewer resources than other services that seem to put an awful lot of effort in reminding us through pop-ups, "that it's time to upgrade our virus definations ads", and has always done it's job.


If you aren't sure, disable the paid for VS, install AVG from http://www.grisoft.com and give it a whirl. Take a look at your system resources, take a look at how quick your windows pop to attention, look at how often new updates are freely downloaded from Grisoft, to help you to be safe.


There are people out there, who want you to be safe and knowledgable about your computer. Just take a look around this site http://www.pcpitstop.com if ya still don't believe. Happy and safe computing! :nospys:

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