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I had gone through the things I had given ZA permission to allow to communicate. Some of these things I simply wasn't sure exactly what they were. I did searches yet still didn't know why I had allowed them in. Or out, or whatever. Like Application Layer Gateway, and some file transfer thingy. And something COM thingamajig. I took them off the list and discovered I needed them!


I had found from this site http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,329...ity,1~mode=flat that tells how to make it happen by either clicking it daily or as I have done, schedule it to run at a certain time everyday to get auto daily updates, instead of having to go to the site daily and install them manually. I probably jumped from this forum possibly to that forum, I don't remember, but sorry if you all already knew this.


But my point being:

I accidently stopped the update today failing to notice it was attempting to do the daily update, and I had taken away permission for the programs needed. So I went searching for the file so I could make it run. I had forgotten that it was in a different folder from the other Symantec stuff. Funny thing I found browsing through my Symantec and Norton's junk, there were shortcut links to advertising stuff. I hadn't seen them before, why are they sitting in those particular folders? I went positively delete happy.


I honestly wish I had discovered this forum before I had purchased NAV and Systemworks. But I had already purchased it AND a years worth of live update, so I'll keep it for now. I DO like the way Norton's Optimizes my disk.


But I'm very suspicious about ad shortcuts winding up in those folders!



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You got me curious with this post so I checked through my Symantec & Norton folders - Nothing in them that does not belong !


I have been using NSW & NIS for 2 years and have had no problems.

It caught & quarantined a couple of viruses for me before they entered the pc. I also love the optimizer.


* I did add ZA for awhile figuring 2 were better than one ... Discovered that it totally was not needed - Norton was doing its job just great ...

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I really have no idea how they ended up there. I wonder if it has anything to do with the time that Brilliant Digital hijacked my virus scanner and disabled it. I occasionally still have odd things happen, like files disappear into nowhere! My MS Paint disappeared. I'm given a notice that mspaint.exe is not on my computer!


Yet I discovered entirely by accident, that this one picture that I saved from surfing the net, if I click edit, up springs MS Paint! But not one other picture can pull this off! It tells me mspaint.exe cannot be found!


Am I just an idiot, or does it HAVE to be on my computer in order to appear from that one graphic when I click edit?


Maybe it's simply hiding from me :blink:


But I've done every virus scanner offered online and Norton's says I'm clean. Spybot and Adaware say I'm clean. Possibly my computer simply likes to play with my head! :woot:

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