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Ie Problems?

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Recently I have been having problems with pictures loading on web sites. For example if I go to the Pitstop forums some of the avatars won't load or if I go to my local weather site hardly any of the pictures load. I have scanned for viruses and ran Spybot and Adaware. All find nothing. Is this a browser or connection problem? :(



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Guest macochran

I have seen the same type of problem on an NT4 box with IE 5.5 on a dial up connection. At the same time my two Win98 machines did not have a problem!


I ran every check I could find and never did discover a problem. I went through the Microsoft Knowledge base several times using many different keywords, all to no avail. I finally switched to a cable connection and ALL the problems went away.


Therefore, I have to say the the problem is connection and traffic driven rather than browser or other software. Many different app's running in the background could add to the traffic issue however.

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