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Others Are Trying To Educate The Public

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In late January, Lavasoft released its long-awaited Ad-aware 6.0--and added a $40 price tag. Now, the free version of Ad-aware is virtually the same as version 5.0, and to get the new of the new enhancements, you have to pay the $40.


This fee, though admittedly not very high, started to seem less worth it.....


I don't like him :blank: He gave some misleading information about AdAware 6.....it's not "virtually the same as AdAware 5", and made it sound like you don't get squat unless you pay for it. :angry:


I have the free version of AdAware 6, and I happen to think it's one h*ll of a program, along with Spybot S&D! :mrgreen:


'Course, that's just my opinion... :rolleyes: -kd5-

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Not to mention, I get such a kick out people who write articles like that, with catchy names like "How to protect yourself from snooping software", and then post them on websites that have Webbugs on them, like that one... :woot:


To me, that's like a neon sign that says...

"Dont listen to me, I obviously don't have a clue what I'm talking about!"

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Like the topic title, my point was that others are pointing out to the general public to look for spyware. I wasn't referring to his personal opinion / choices

for protection ... True, some may take his word at face-value, but, the important thing is that the message is getting through !!!


Even if people take his word / suggestions to heart, at LEAST they now KNOW and are doing SOMETHING to try to protect themselves ...


Educatation ..............................................



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