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No Sound On Windows 98

Guest chattox

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Fear that sound card may be down but would be grateful for hints on diagnostic tests for this problenm I have ruled out speaker problem as no auditory output speakers/headphones work


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Go to Control Panel/Multimedia (or whatever it is called) and see if anything is greyed out or the volume is lowered. Make sure you have the soundcard listed in the window for Playback.


Check Device Manager for ? or ! on soundcard.


Make sure you haven't muted the sound in any media players...i.e., if you mute it in Real One and try to play in another player it won't work.

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Hi Sue, welcome. :)

To start simply, right click your sound icon , select 'Open volume controls' and make sure nothing is muted.

Then right click again and select 'Adjust audio properties' and see if your soundcard is selected in the drop-down menu. If it is, and you still have no sound, select 'use any available device' and see if that works.


If still no sound, go back and select your sound card again. Then go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/ and select 'System' Click on the 'Device Manager' tab and highlight your soundcard in the drop-down list. Select 'Properties/Driver and then 'Update Driver' Follow the instructions to let Windows re-install your sound-card drivers.

If after that it says ' The best driver for this device is already installed' it may well be that your card is cream-crackered, like you said in the first place. :blink:


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Hi moon,


Followed all your instructions very helpful Got a message that MIDI ext port has problems aLL ATTEMPTS AT RESTORING SOUND DIED SO i GUESS I AM BACK TO THE COMPUTER DEALERS tHANKS FOR ASSISTANCE I guess u r a brit

Yours sUE



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Sue, you didn't say which OS you had, so I can only give the path for 98SE, I'm not sure how similar the path would be in XP, etc.

Start/Programs/Accessories/SystemTools/SystenInformation/Tools/DirectXDiagnosticTool/Sound Tab

You might be able to test this way and isolate the problem.

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