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Has anyone ever tried any of these types of signal boosters. Here is a high quality booster from Motorola :




Would installing one of these help cable modem speed? I have a network of 4 pc,s with family members almost always on, and 3 television sets that are also always on. All of this on 1 cable line. It seems to me that this could only help a cable connection for television and internet.



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Those are broadband signal amplifiers. Those Motorola ones are a bit better than the ones you can buy at Radio Shack but they basically do the same thing.


If you have a Motorola cable modem you can usually get to its status screen by starting your browser and typing in . (Actually, that link is live and should take you to your cable modem if you click on it unless your firewall prevents it.) There is a log screen that will show you what the modem has been up to. If you are seeing lots of "lost sync" messages every day then maybe your signal is weak. Otherwise there's no reason to mess with the signal level.


The cable modem won't go faster just because you increase the signal strength. Cable signal levels are only good if they're within a certain range. On analog TV signals, low signal strength will show up as snow on the picture. Signal that's too strong will show up as picture "tearing" and audio buzzing, particularly when text captions are on the screen. If either of those are happening then your cable modem may be having trouble too.


If you have a very long run of cable between the cable company feed at the road an your house (more than about 100 feet) then there are other complications. High frequency signals are attenuated (become weak) in shorter distances than low frequencies. What that means is that channel 2 may be coming in nice and clear but channel 57 has snow on it. If you see that situation then the cable company needs to install a "tilt compensator" on the line. That gizmo makes the low-frequency signals weaker as they come out of the cable company feed so that everything is at an equal level by the time it reaches your house.


I would suggest that you keep as little equipment as possible between the cable connection and your modem. My modem is the first thing connected on the cable when it comes into the house, and is hooked in using a tap (basically a splitter that sends more signal down one side than the other). After that the cable goes to a 3025 signal distribution center made by Channel Plus.

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They will work for a certain amount, and then they will beging to degrade your signal. I can't remember how the cable guy had it hooked up but it was stealing signal from the television and giving it to the internet so the internet would go quite fast and television would look like crap. The lines can only transfer so much data at a time, you can probably squeeze out abit more but not much. Using higher quality cables would probably be a better investment than a amplifyer

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Guest RCawdor
:P I recently bought both the Surfboard 4200 and the Motorola Signal Booster. The freaking booster cost more than the cable modem! LOL. Bestbuy had the modem on sale and after rebate it is $60. The booster was a flat $80. My problem was two-fold: The Ericsson Piperider modem couldn't handle my game hosting when the number of clients reached 10 to 12. I found that the Piperider is a very inexpensive modem that is designed to handle 8 computers or clients at a time. The Motorola modem I originally had (taken back by my cable provider after 2 years) was an old black Surfmodem that rocked and never had any problems with 16 clients at a time. So...I bought my own cable modem, the Surfboard 4200 which is also designed for 32 clients and have never been happier. I host games with 16 users and keep the pings anywhere from 50 to 300 (depending on their ISP connection). I also purchased the booster hoping it may help with my internet connection but I doubt it did. My TV reception was very bad in the low frequency channels from 2 through 7. Now all my channels are vibrant with no tearing, distortion, audio wheezing or anything else. Well worth the money for the booster if you have poor reception. Oh, and I have one TV and three computers using the signal from the booster. Later!
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