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When I did payroll for this certain company, it was with Windows 95. They elected to allow internet access (trial only...), and I used a free ISP to connect to the net, but couldn't make the connection without the upgrade. So I downloaded it (then v1.3, & smaller size...) to a floppy at home, upgraded DUN at work, & connected! So, it is definitely worth a shot... ;) -kd5-

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I think you'll be pleased with the increased stability of XP. There are a couple of things you can do to make XP more user-friendly and not so much of a resource hog.








Take note: Windows XP requires a little more memory to operate smoothly. 256mb of RAM should be enough, but more is better.


Have fun! ;) -kd5-

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i installed win xp on my 233mhzs and with 96mb ram lol it works and the dsl works but the sound card dont subport win xp:( i formated the hard drive and now when i install dos the hard drive is 500mb or a litte more i got 20gs in it and it saysing smaller:( and when i format it it says 20gbs and the win95 dont want too install it says it not flat32 or flat and i formated it too flat32 lol

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