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Faster 56k Speed

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Hi all

I seen this Ad on a page. can some one take a look and tell me if this can be done, I seen so many ads saying how they can speed up your download speed and I know that it is just B/S... most times it's a matter of keeping your PC in good health and well maintained, but this seems to be different, so if any one could look at this page and let me know if this is just some gimmick please. Maybe some CO. has really come up with a good thing I would like to know. As for now I have a 56k modem. There may be a way to get a faster download speed for the price advertized on this page . I know some people in here are very smart with computers and can understand things like this far better then i can I just need some one to set me straight on this thank you so much for any help . :)


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:erm: Pc world is a serious site so if they say it's working ...



But as for me since your already paying something around 10$ per month for your internet and they asking you 9$ per month to use their program. Big total of 19$ per month !!! I say check instead for a real dsl connection or better get cable!

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I'm very supprised at PC Worlds review. I've been under the impression ( From reading computer magazines) that most Web Accelarators were BS. all doing the same thing.... eating up your cache, and installing SpyWare!

maybe i'm wrong, but that's what the latest article in PC Magizine said.....

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