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Didn't mean to ignore you. Your score doesn't look too bad. The biggest problem seems to be the uncached speed. It looks like a low score even for a NTFS system. I don't see any thing that jumps out. I looked up your drive. It says the rotational speed is 4,200rpm. That is very slow compared to what I suspect is the modal speed of 5400 and certainly slower than the the 7200s or 10,000s with 8 meg caches. So I think your main problem is that your poor performance on HD tests is due an HD that is not very fast or modern being compared to faster newer models.

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No. If this is really a laptop- (I didn't check the numbers and it is labeled as a desktop). If it is a laptop these are good scores. HDs on laptops are slower to save battery. The lower Pit score is because laptops go into power saving mode when they are running. This is a power saving feature.

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