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:mrsgreen: Do I belong here or not? I recd an email that says my account is no longer active. It said something about my receiving the Klez Virus ("..that a virus such as Klez has infected the PC of someone who had you in their addrress book and is sending viruses using your email address.")


I have been running Panda software and Ad-adware plus my email is through Yahoo which always runs a clean scan. I have never had any problem.


What's up???? :angry:


What action if any should I take??? :(

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Sounds like a hoax to me Wendy,,you have sent me emails and never did they have a virus,,send me the email that told you that as soon as ya can!!!


You just post away!! never go by what you get in email,,just get in touch with me or another mod or dave!!

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I think you are misinterpreting the message. Here's the scenario I think it's trying to cover:


Let's say [email protected] sends [email protected] a message. Dave really likes Wendy so he puts Wendy in his address book. Dave sends messages to his hosting company ([email protected]) really often so he has them in the address book too.


A few weeks later, Dave gets the Klez virus. The virus looks through Dave's address book and starts sending out copies of itself, using those emails as the return address so that people won't be able to figure out that Dave is the one with the virus.


So Klez might send a virus-laden message to [email protected] but set the From address to [email protected] so that it looks like it came from Wendy. Now, it turns out that [email protected] has an AUTORESPONDER that will send out a message saying "we received your message and will reply soon." But it will send that message to [email protected] because that's where it looks like the message came from.


So the next day Wendy checks mail for [email protected] and gets a message from [email protected] saying "we got your message". But she didn't SEND a message! The message may even say "we got a virus from you and our virus scanner caught it." But of course Wendy doesn't have the virus, Dave does. But the support people at ibforums.com don't know that. To cover that possibility, the autoresponder has a message in it saying "if you didn't send us a message, it may be a virus on someone else's system that sent the message."


So most likely you do not have a virus. But someone who thinks enough of you to have you in their address book DOES have a virus.


I hope that you are totally confused now. :o

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Well that should have covered it dave!! I had just never heard of anyone getting an email from the pit saying you got a virus so don't come back!!


Thats what we deal with after all,,if someone has a virus and needs some help getting it gone,,thats what we do,,help them make it gone!! thank you!! :tup: v

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So does that mean I can come to the Pit?


I can't imagine what it would be like w/o the Pit in my life.


Dave I think this is what you said. Should I advise whoever


Volt I forwarded the email I recd but just in case here it is:


This message is not flagged. [ Flag Message - Mark as Unread ]


Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 20:12:25 -0600

From: "support " <[email protected]> | This is Spam | Add to Address Book

To: [email protected]

Subject: Contacting PC Pitstop





Contacting PC Pitstop

This account is no longer active. If you need to contact

PC Pitstop, please read the information on this page





If you do not recall sending a message to PC Pitstop,

it is possible that a virus such as Klez has infected the

PC of someone who had you in their address book and is

sending viruses using your email address. Please do not

send us messages about this, we are not the ones forging

your email address and there is nothing we can do to

prevent it. For help with computer problems, please

visit our forums:

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Yes Wendy you are more than welcome to post away!! :D that was mr klez doing his dirty work,,just ignore it and in the future when you get something like that,,just let me know and I will see whats going on!! :P v

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