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Anyone know if this site is no longer working?




I can type in a game and it will search, but when I click the button for it to check my system it doesn't do anything at all.

Tried in Chrome, Edge and even IE and get same result.


Any other site or app I can use to check if my system will handle a few different games? I don't want to buy the games just to find out that they won't play. Most are on Steam and recommend 4GB+ of VRAM, but I'm stuck to only 2GB cap on VRAM.

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No sir, not on any browser. I did however find another site that did actually scan.




So far looking like most show as fail for GPU due to only 2GB VRAM. Though mine is shared, not dedicated VRAM according to most sites.

Yet my task manager shows for GPU that it's got 2GB dedicated and 7GB shared.

Everything I find online says that HP has this system set with a 2GB VRAM cap in BIOS. Some say a custom PC would run it better and have no caps due to overclocking capabilities.


I'll play around with things and if I should figure out any stable work around or something, I'll be happy to share the info!

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Well I notice my task manager shows 2GB dedicated VRAM and 7GB shared. Went ahead and got the Planet Zoo game and it seems to run just fine!

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