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Trying to get desktop to change what network it uses

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 I have  four computers. Two desktop and two laptops (win 10). One desktop (win 10) shows the Ethernet connected to 1212 network. The other computers (2 laptops and 1 desktop) show 1515 network connection. One of the desktops is a win 11,new computer is connected to 1515 network. My cell phones are connected to 1515 network. How do I get the one desktop (win 10) to connect to 1515 network? The one desktop that is connected to 1212 network is plugged into the router. The other desktop is plugged into an Ethernet switch if that means anything.

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I don't know the answer; but I'm guessing your thought around the switch is probably correct. My comment would be 'Is this causing an issue? is this stopping something from working?"; If not i'd leave well alone!!

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