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Uploading remotely from downloadly.ir

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I have a VIP subscription in downloadly.net (downloadly.ir) but the Internet provider I have for some reason limits the downloads from their premium servers, dl8, dl7, so I need to upload the file i want to download from those servers to a remote cloud storage server (ex, pCloud, mediafire) and download my file from there, the problem is that i can't upload my file to any cloud storage site because when I send the download link for example:
It says Download Link Forbidden or Inaccessible... I wrote to downloadly supporters and they said this:


You should have dedicated IP not shared IP

Your IP when you access our website with IP that you access download link should be same


Is there any way I can remotely upload my premium file from downloadly to any other server and then download it from there in order my Internet provider don't limit my download speed?.. I don't know if this is the best site to post this, but I couldn't find anyone better... If somebody knows please help me

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