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Overdrive Percents

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How are the Overdrive percents calculated? In my latest test run http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26117866, some seem higher and some seem lower than I'd expect.


Processor speed 3600 and 16 GB memory both are in the top 0%, but there are too many people with more RAM and overclocked CPUs for that to make sense.


CPU, RAM, Video, 3D Video, and Disk are all ranked in the top 17% or 18%, which seem strangely close rankings.  I'd expect an RTX 3080 ti or Samsung 980 Pro 1TB to rank higher than CPU and RAM since my system is running DDR4-3200 and the 12 cores of its Core i7-12700KF, which could be expected to score lower than systems with faster RAM and CPUs with more cores. It seems more unlikely that every sector in my system would fall within one percent of each other. 


It's also puzzling that with all the individual scores in the top 17% or 18%, the overall score falls in the top 31%, although that might be because there's no Internet score.

PCPitstop 66777 Core i7-12700k.jpg

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