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Holy Cow!

Tx Redneck

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Firstly, a HUGE thanks to all who have and or continue to contribute. I think we forget in the day to day, what it actually means that we're doin w/ F@H, so thanks for all who've helped and those who also stay the course!

The top 4 on our team are legends and need to be put on blast.


Guns and Devan have been at this so faithfully that they both are in the top 1000 contributors to the entire project, that is mind blowing. As well, they both are knockin on the door of 3 BILLION points.  Think about that for a sec and consider how long it's taken you to reach where you are. ;)


Dickster and mutt both have in excess of 1 BILLION points as well! Mad lads I tell ya!

AnonymousTinker1949 you shall remain nameless, but not unrecognized, you came outta nowhere and have screamed to the top 5 of our modest team. Thanks for your contribution and hope you call this team, home.



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