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.Bat Blocked and Cannot add to Whitelist


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We are running PCMatic on one of our servers.  This server runs an event every evening to back up our data to specific folders.  The task runs a .bat file to do this.  Up until a month or so ago this was working fine, however lately Supershield has been blocking cmd.exe and therefore the backup fails to run..This was not happening before.  We have added CMD.exe to the local whitelist using the whitelist procedure and can see it in the whitelist, however it still will not run the batch file and still shows cmd.exe being blocked in the log.  How can I whitelist this .bat to be able to run without disabling super shield?



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Hello @Mackavie and welcome!

I am unable to locate a PC Matic Pro account associated with your forum email address.


If you have access to the PC Matic Pro web portal, you can select the Support option on the left side to contact our support department directly.


If you have PC Matic Pro through an MSP (Managed Service Provider), I would first recommend reaching out to them as they may be able to resolve the issue for you.


You can also reach out to us via the Business Support form on our website:


When using this form, please let us know the email address/name associated with the PC Matic Pro account, or the MSP that manages your PC Matic Pro account.

Thank you,

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