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Is this compatible RAM to extend/replace:  ... ?

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Maybe... maybe not.  That is why Nigsy suggested utilizing the systemscanner tool, which you obviously know about as you provide a link to it in your initial post.


Please note that we have no idea what your motherboard or ram is.  Your first link is to systemscanner tool.  Anyone clicking on your link will get the scan results of their own system...not yours.

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RE: Amd/Intel ram





Will AMD RAM Work with Intel?

Talking about RAM sticks, one question that many people ask is ‘Will AMD RAM work with Intel processors?’. The simple answer for this is yes but there are some things that you should know. While manufacturers and brands label specific RAM sticks with them being compatible with either AMD or Intel. This is not the case in reality as there is no difference between these sticks.



Tx 🤠

Edit: Your best bet is to follow what the crucial scan tool recommends though. ;)

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